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50% rating • 4 votes is a .io game with the same mechanics as the well-known "stone-scissors-paper", it has some simple graphics but nice to look at, and the gameplay is similar to known Agario, a closed grid where all they fight among themselves to get to the first place !, you can see "rays" scattered all over the map, you can collect them to give you an impulse, but be careful, they end as you use them!

How to play

The player must change his symbol as necessary to defeat the opponent, remembering the basic rules of the game stone-scissors-paper, when the player kills an opponent receives a point, the player with the most points will be placed on the top of the leaderboard, use the ray insignia of the map to impulse you and reach the enemy or flee from them, the rule for success is to go at full speed and hit several enemies as possible, as if it was the old west.


Mouse Cursor - Move

Mouse Click - Boost

[1] - Rock Stance

[2] - Paper Stance

[3] - Scissors Stance
123 shoot io
123shoot io


Free For All
Agario Style
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