13.8K plays • 16/05/2018

70% rating • 84 votes is a strategy io game in real time with multiple players at once, where everyone has to mine resources, build buildings, units that will be ants, and can also fight each other, or create alliances if you play with your friends.

How to play

Like all games of this style, the main objective is to survive and turn your nation of ants into the most powerful, once you start the game you must build a headquarters or headquarters, where your ants will be generated that will mine the available resources and further You can create special units to fight against other players.

The resources are divided into 3 types, and are divided by colors, greens, purples and yellows, you will need many resources to build buildings and generate more ants.

To create buildings or improve your ants and create a powerful army, use the menu at the bottom of the screen:


WASD - move camera

Mouse - create buildings, use ants
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