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Beachball-bullet-hell Beachfighting! Choose boy or girl and hit the sand to pelt your opponents with beachballs and other lethal summery projectiles. Level up for boosts, rack up score for leaderboard domination and collect all the achievements. Marvel as you grow ever more impressive in the swimwear department!

How to play

Move: Use WASD and/or Arrow Keys

Aim: in the direction of the mouse cursor

Fire: in the direction of mouse cursor by clicking LMB

Charge: Hold LMB to grow projectile. Release LMB to fire

Craft: Hold LMB even longer after the charged projectile has reached it’s maximum size. Release LMB to place crafted sandcube Strategy

Aim in front of opponents to lead your fire to the target. Charged projectiles do more damage, but you’re vulnerable while you’re charging and you move slower.

Use craft ability to make shields or build structures.

Choose powerups to suit your playstyle

Sunglasses - Cool (blue sporty ones, speedup), Regular (black shades, faster regen), Red (faster crafting), Star (all of the above)

Upgraded balltypes of increasing speed and power

Abilities like lucky charm or score multiplier

Keep moving, keep Beachfighting!
beach fight io
beachfight io


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3D graphics
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