3.7K plays • 28/04/2018

66% rating • 3 votes is an io game a little out of the ordinary, in this game you control a baby that has to eat junk food and leave your poop on the way to attack other babies, we can only say that it is quite original and very funny, an entertaining game to play with friends.

How to play

The goal is to eat food to get points and be the best of the game, depending on what junk food you eat is the amount of points you generate, you can see the list of food and points below;

You can hit another player only if you have more points than him, if you have less points you will lose the game. You also have to be careful not to hit the poop and the banana remains or you will lose the game as well.

The creators of this game recommend us to use the ability to run to pass in front of another player and drop the poop to be hit and lose the game.


Mouse - move

Left click - run
bee bee io
beebee io


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