4.2K plays • 06/06/2018

77% rating • 9 votes is a hero fighting io game, get points to grow your sword and be the most powerful of the arena, kill the monsters and players to get special abilities.

How to play

Your goal is to get the most points to be the best player in the arena, collect the colored points of the map to get points, or you can kill other players or monsters. When you collect the colored points your sword will grow more and more, you can see how it grows looking at the top left of the screen, there is a marker that when it reaches 100% means that your sword is at the maximum length.

A longer sword means greater attack range, so take advantage of this advantage and do not get too close to the other players. Monsters and dying players release items that you can collect to obtain special abilities that last a short period of time, but are very effective, such as boots to move fast, discover the rest of the skills played in the game!


Mouse - move

D - running

Left click - attack
big hero io
bighero io


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