4.1K plays • 31/01/2018

50% rating • 4 votes is a new .io game, which is considered an MMORPG and seems to be based on the mechanics of the classic game Diablo, in this new game you can have different characters and level them up, in the most classic way, killing everything what gets in your way.

How to play

After registering and having created your character, which by the way you can only choose between 3 different classes: "Mage", "Rogue" and "Warrior", you must move around the map killing different monsters to level up your character, and collect weapons , armor, positions, etc. Virtually everything you will need in the future to continue killing monsters. We do not doubt that, in the not too distant future, this game can continue to expand and give us more possibilities. And with it more fun time for MMORPG lovers!

Character classes


WASD - move

Left click - attack/move items
black mass io
blackmass io


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