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75% rating • 161 votes is a 2D shooting io game, the objective is to survive all the enemies while the sand is shrinking, forcing all the live players to meet, and shoot until only one player remains.

How to play

Place your name and choose which game mode you want to play: "only" where you must survive alone against all players until you are the last player standing, "duo" where you are assigned a partner and must survive until the last live team, or the "squads" mode which is like the "duo" mode but with more partners.

When you start the game you have to move quickly to find a weapon, if you come across another player and you are helpless it is better to flee before they kill you, to collect a weapon you just have to move above and you will be automatically assigned when you do not have a weapon. that category or have a worse one, otherwise you will have to press the F key to collect it and you can also launch it with the Z key. The bar that is located below the screen shows how much life you have, if you get hurt too much you can find on the map first aid kits to use, and also ammunition for your weapons.

By pressing the Q key you can enter the construction mode and place clubs to protect yourself from enemy fire. Finally be careful not to leave the red zone or you will die, the sand will shrink until you find yourself face to face with other players.


WASD / Arrows - move

Mouse - aim

Left click - shoot

Q - build

F - pick up gun

Z - throwing weapon

Scroll / Numeric keys - change weapon
blitz royale io
blitzroyale io


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