9.5K plays • 10/05/2018

66% rating • 127 votes is an io game of battle between players, use your stick with the ball to attack other players, collect the colored circles to obtain points and grow the size of your character, this fun game is from the creators of Stick .io!

How to play

Your goal will be to be the best player in the game, therefore, you have to get many points and kill other players, the more points you collect the bigger your character will become, giving you an obvious advantage when fighting another player. Your weapon is a stick with a ball joined by a chain, use the space button or the left click of the mouse to throw the ball in one direction, in this way you can kill several players with one shot, or attack from a distance, or simply throw it to see if you're lucky and you can kill someone without wanting to :D.

Either way, you'll have to go get the ball after throwing it, so do not forget where you threw it!


Mouse - move

Space / Right click - throw the ball
booms io


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