3.5K plays • 11/05/2018

75% rating • 4 votes is an io game of spaceships, collect the red diamonds, dodge the giant asteroids that move at full speed, fight against other enemy ships, to position yourself as the best interstellar commander.

How to play

This game is easy to understand and play, your main objective is to get points to be the best player in interstellar space, to get points you have to collect the red diamonds that are scattered in space and you can also get points by destroying the enemy ships , that are other players fighting for the same goal, so be very careful too!

You have two weapons, the long laser beam which reaches a great distance but you have to wait until the energy is recharged, and the short laser does not need to recharge the energy but it is very short range.

Not only do you have to take care of the enemy ships, you have to take care of the giant asteroids that move at high speed through space, luckily you have a super advanced radar in which you can use to locate them. You can also see the enemy ships and the diamonds on the radar, every time you look at it to avoid surprises.


Mouse - move

Left click - long laser beam

Right click / space - short laser beam
booster space


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