9.9K plays • 07/05/2018

63% rating • 63 votes is the classic io game of cats against mice, your goal is to grow an army of mice or cats, depending on the side you choose, pick up food and fight against your enemy.

How to play

In this game, since you will have realized that you have to choose which side you will play, you can choose the mice or the cats, the next one is to collect food that will depend on the side you have chosen, and finally once you have improved your army you should attack the enemy

To attack your enemy, of course after seeing that you can attack, you will not attack a very powerful enemy when you start playing, you will not last long. But assuming you have chosen your victim correctly, press the left mouse button to attack your enemy and right click to unify your soldiers into a bigger and stronger one, keep in mind that only soldiers of the same size they will unify

If you want more information, read the help found on the game page.

Good luck!


Mouse movement

Left click - attack

Right click - unify your soldiers
cat mouse io
catmouse io


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