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66% rating • 3 votes is an io game of multiplayer snakes, this game will remind you of the old times when you played the snake from your nokia, the style is similar, a snake formed by blocks of colors, collect the blocks of colors that are in the map to get points and be the best of the game.

How to play

Before starting look at the main menu the option to change your snake, there are several interesting styles that you can try, once chosen your skin you can start the game. The main objective is to survive the other players and get many points to be the best player in the arena.

To get points you have to capture the blocks of bright colors scattered all over the map. You can only move in all four directions, like a classic snake game, up, down, left and right. Dodge enemy snakes so as not to crash into your body and die.

If you want to kill another player you have to get in his way, try to calculate where he is going to go, and at the right moment use the boost to get in front of him, and have him crash his head against your body.

If you manage to kill another snake you can keep your points and grow faster to reach the first position, also use the map to know where there are other snakes.


Arrows - move

Left click - boost
classic snake io
classicsnake io


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