Coaster Town

5.9K plays • 23/02/2018

69% rating • 26 votes

Coaster Town is an amusement park simulator io game, build alone or as a team, make the biggest and fun roller coasters, or just try to try the ones created by other people, and in case you get bored you can always hit those other players

How to play

First of all, when you start the game, you will appear in a lobby full of doors, which will be like the existing parks, you will also see that you will have a door with your name, that is your door where you can build your own amusement park.

The objective of this game is to build amusement parks or you can only dedicate yourself to try it with your friends and have fun for a while. To build a park you will have to do it block by block, which will not be easy, only people with good creativity and dedication will achieve it. Each time you create new blocks you will receive chips, and also when other players try your amusement park.


WASD - move

W - jump

Left click - interact with the map

Enter - chat

coaster town
coaster town


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