6.2K plays • 28/03/2018

83% rating • 12 votes is an io game of battles to death, with what seems to be a stick, or salchica, or whatever, let's say the name of the game is quite suggestive ... But the most original we've seen in a lot weather.

How to play

First of all customize your character, you can choose from a variety of styles of hair, hair color and even skin color.

When you have customized your character, put your name and go to the battle, the goal is to survive and reach the top of the scorecard, eat the food that are the colored dots that are in the whole map, avoid the others players kill you with their ... "weapon" and try to kill them with yours. By going eating your "weapon" will grow and you will be superior to others, I mean basically the one with the biggest weapon will win the game, but I remember what matters is how to use it not only the size;)

Postscript: you can play this game from your cell phone, amazing!


Mouse / virtual joystick - move

Click / touch - boost
cocky io


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