5.6K plays • 04/07/2018

82% rating • 17 votes is a new io game of snakes, you can think that this game is the same as usual, but no, this game includes a new game mode that completely changes this subgenre.

How to play

The objective of this game is to obtain points to be the best player of the game, the simplest way is to collect the colored points that are scattered all over the map.

And the fun way to get points is by killing other snakes, hitting the body of the snake with your head, when you kill an enemy snake you receive part of the points that she had. But be careful because the enemy snake can change direction by pressing the space key, and ruin your game, killing it to you.

Another interesting feature of this game are the blocks where you can hide, you can only hide if you have fewer points than the block points, and only one snake can hide at the same time, besides when you hide the points of the block increases according to the amount of points that you have.


Mouse - move

Space - change direction
curvz io


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