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About is a cool game of survival. You must fight for your life in a huge open world and fend for yourself against other players and the elements. To start with you have nothing: you must use your bare hands to gather wood from nearby trees. You can then use this wood to create a pickaxe. Once you have created a pickaxe, you can then mine stone and other resources. As you collect materials and level up, you can create new items, weapons and even build a base to protect yourself.

Be wary of your surrounding environment as certain terrain can damage you such as lava. Continue to gather resources, create your base and defend yourself from other players. You can try and form alliances with other players and build a base together – be careful though and watch out for treachery! Finally, you must hunt and gather food to keep your health and strength up. Can you survive in the wild and save yourself from doom? If you like this game, you might as well love


Dynamic Environments

Lots of tools, gears, and building items to build

You can choose your own play style on how to survive this world

How to play

Gather 20 woods from the tree to make a wood pickaxe

Use the pickaxe to mine other resources


Press WASD to move

Use left mouse button to attack or use item

Space bar to charge or jump

Use Shift to sneak around

Press Q to drop an item

Press R to dismantle a building

Use E to mount or unmount weapon or turret
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