8.9K plays • 05/12/2017

70% rating • 48 votes is a .io game that has a bit of the style, the player is a chicken that has to collect eggs and at the same time take care of his nest from the other players who want to eat our eggs.

How to play

The player must collect the eggs that are on the map, and can also collect eggs that are in the nests of the other players, to get more points, but be careful because if you enter on the nest of another player and he is in the nest, it will be angry and if it touches us it will kill us, accumulate many eggs to reach the top of the leaderboard.


The developers classify the players according to the following strategies:

Slow Lay:

They run very little risk, they only collect seeds and return to their nest quickly to defend their eggs, they can take a long time but they have a low risk of death.

A Rat in the Coupe:

They get into the enemy nests and steal the eggs, it involves a high risk.

Lazy lay:

While an enemy is stealing eggs from others, you steal their eggs in their nest.


Play without any strategy.


Mouse - move
eggl io


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