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0% rating • 0 votes is a fun io game of tanks, fight against other players and try to survive, you can basically control two types of tanks, one that fires bursts of bullets at close range or another that fires bullets at very long distances.

How to play

Your goal is to survive and get the most points by killing other players to place you first in the player table. When the game starts you will find yourself in a closed arena where there are several players trying to kill you and you will also have to be very careful of the lost bullets that can reach you. Your health is under the name of your tank, it does not regenerate automatically, when it reaches zero you will die.

When the game starts you will have a random tank type, which visually is the same as the rest, but the type of shot varies, you can touch the sniper that takes longer to recharge, but has a quick and powerful shot, or the other type of tank that shoots bursts of bullets and can be very helpful in short distance clashes.

One technique to survive longer is to never sit still or you can become an easy target, moving from side to side may be the best technique.


WASD - move

Space - shoot
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