3.9K plays • 23/02/2018

75% rating • 4 votes is a yo-yo io game with bombs, moving a maze map, where you will have to kill the other players and collect gems.

How To Play

The objective is to be the player with the most points, to position him in the first position of the list, to achieve it you have to obtain points, and you will obtain points killing other players and collecting the gems. To kill a player places a bomb that detonates a few seconds later, or if you hold the space key pressed you can carry the bomb on you, but beware that when the time runs out it explodes killing you, to use this benefit in your favor you have to release the bomb one second before it explodes and arlado of another player, which will not give him time to flee and will die right there.


WASD - move

Space - place pump
gembrawl io


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