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Gravity game is an incredibly fun shooter game which places players on different moon shaped terrain firing at one another, however the twist is the gravity mechanics are similar to space! When you jump you slowly descend towards the nearest moon as the gravitational pull takes you to it, this allows for some cool mid air transfers to others players terrain. The game is a massive free for all with awesome physics, definitely worth a play!

How to play

The games pretty simple in all, you control a soldier equipt with a launcher, your goal is to take down all your opponents whilst avoiding death yourself! Use the moons/low gravity to your advantage when dodging as you can simply move around the surface in order to avoid damage or jump to another moon in order to land shots easier.


Move around using WASD, A preforms a crouch and W preforms a jump, if you jump in between 2 moons you’ll hop to the one you’re travelling towards, you can use either left mouse click or space bar to shoot also.
gravity game io
gravitygame io


Free For All
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