22.5K plays • 13/04/2018

70% rating • 154 votes is an io game of the classic Mario Bross of the NES, but it seems that the developer of this game got a lot of LSD, and if you do not understand what I'm talking about it is because you have not tried it yet, believe me it will cause you a lot of grace this game!

How to play

The game is still in an alpha phase and we are looking forward to playing multiplayer with other people like all the other games.

In this game you control Mario and you move around the classic map of the pipes and mushrooms, but it seems that Mario ate many mushrooms, because of the bizarre way in which everything moves, just seeing how Mario moves and twists, stretching and compressing each time it jumps, it's super comical, and see how all the things on the map bend when we hit them, like pipes or bricks. The truth is that this game is a work of art that will make us remember this classic game.


Arrows - move
jelly mar io
jellymar io


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