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In Jumpball io you should capture the territory and increase the mass. The game has a unique mechanics. The players capture the lands, jumping on the spot and propagating the shock wave. If another player is influenced by your shock wave, he dies, and you may take his mass. The game space is quite limited, so collisions are inevitable! It is a really unique io game.

How to play

The aim of Jumpball io is to gain as many mass as possible. To gain the ass, you must jump. When you land, a shock wave will turn over the squares of the territory. Now, it is your territory and you can move on these squares. If you find there dots of the mass, it’s great, so take them. The ore mass you have, the ore squares of the land you can capture at once.

The player, who has gained the biggest amount of mass, is the winner. When you have a lot of ass, your shock wave can kill the players that are far away from you. However, when you increase the volume of mass, you become slower while landing after the jump. So, smaller players can trace you and kill you by a quick attack.

If your shock wave influences other players, they die, and then you may take their mass. The number of enemies you killed is also taken into account.

There are two game modes: a classic mode FFA and a game in two teams of 3 people each.


WASD to move

Space to jump
jump ball io
jumpball io


Free For All
3D graphics
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