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In Kingz you control a tile based territorial system which you can transfer values in order to claim more land. Each piece of land you own passively generates numbers which can be moved to existing squares or new ones in order to branch out, tiles indicated with house icons generate significantly more numbers but cost a lot more to claim.

How to play

Kingz is quite easy despite being a strategy based game, there are 3 different game modes which allow you the choice between a free for all, solo play and team based games. Everyone stars with their central base which should be defended at all times as if someone manages to over claim it its game over for you! Like I already touched on you slowly generate numbers on all your squares which indicate how many squares you can claim, if one of the squares you want to expand from doesn’t have enough value you can simply transfer it from another square.


Everything is done through mouse in this game, left click to win boys!
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