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65% rating • 38 votes

LittleBigSnake is a .io game just like but improved in all its aspects, it is graphically a work of art, easy but fun, a high quality game and hard to beat, especially with the wonderful idea of ​​adding insects to the game to give the player more possibilities to grow and create other game modes, a collection of achievements and titles to achieve.

The developers promise to bring many more improvements. It seems that they came to stay!

How to play

You will start being a small snake which will have to go eating to grow, the more you grow longer and bigger you will be, but be careful not to collide with another snake or some objects of the map, or you will be food for the other players. Try eating the insects spread on the map to grow faster, also using the mouse click you can go faster, but when you run out of energy you will lose mass. And shrinking! You can also go through the water to increase your speed to double and be a rocket, but be careful you need more skill to control your viper.


Mouse - move

Click - accelerate
little big snake com
littlebigsnake com


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