4.9K plays • 19/02/2018

66% rating • 12 votes is an incredible io game of magic, it is very well made and it shows the enthusiasm that they put into each part of the game, teams, magic orders, crafting, collecting resources, etc. Go ahead and play this little work of art.

How to play

The more spells you control, the stronger you will be, to acquire new spells, place yourself near a statue of the ones on the map and with 4 gems you can acquire the spell, then go to your inventory and read it with a double click, and you will be able to use it.

To acquire resources you have to break trees and stones, in this way you will get wood and gems that you will use later.

The game has 9 zones in the whole map, and our main objective will be to conquer each zone creating a magical order in the area that we want to conquer, in case there is already a created magic order, you will have to destroy it. You have already wondered how to build a magical order, to create it you need to collect 8 gems and 8 woods.

Another very good aspect of this game, is the ability to play as a team if you select a magic order and choose to join it, and if the order has a door you can even enter and exit it.


WASD - move

Key 1 to 9 - choose a spell

Click - use spell
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