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About is a real-time simulator of the city. Players are mayors and must rebuild the territories entrusted to them with intelligence and literacy, creating residential areas of economic and industrial zones; Providing houses energetically. The more people there are, the more capital will be added to the city budget and, therefore, the opportunities for construction.

How to play

The main task in Micropolis is to develop your city. To have a large population, so that there are convenient roads, there would be ports and stadiums. In the course of the game, there will be pop-up tips about what the residents need. Carrying out or repairing roads, police and fire departments and so on. At any time you can see how good you are, according to residents, coping with the responsibilities of the mayor. Taxes and budget are difficult, so Micropolis io itself offers tips on tax regulation. You can agree with them, but you can transfer the budget to fully manual control. For fun sake, you can put on your city natural disasters, such as Fire, Monster, Tornado, etc. Also at any time you can stop the microcosm to continue when the time will again appear.
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