3.9K plays • 13/04/2020

87% rating • 8 votes is an amazing battle royale style io game, this game has beautiful 3D graphics, dive into this amazing first person shooter similar to PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends!

How to play

You start the game by launching yourself from a plane in free fall towards the map, at a certain point the parachute unfolds and you can move to a safe area to get weapons such as machine guns, snipers, grenades, smoke grenades, drones and much more!

When you are ready for battle, move around the map hunting the other players and avoiding being hunted by one of them. The safe zone is going to shrink and you must stay inside it to avoid dying from the chemical weapon, this will force you to come face to face with your opponents and launch into an incredible battle.

You can also customize your character, create amazing styles, change the dance, etc!


WASD - move

Ctrl - slow walk

Mouse - look

Left click - shoot

Right click - look

Space - jump

Capital letters - map

TAB - inventory

1234 - weapon change

X - use pill or syringe

H - dance
mini royale2 io
miniroyale2 io


Free For All
Battle Royale
3D graphics
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