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100% rating • 2 votes is an io game of colonies of bees, you have to get resources and build your colony, use the bees as soldiers to attack and defend yourself from other enemy colonies.

How to play

Control the queen bee to form a giant colony of bees, get as many worker bees as you can, how many more worker bees you get more points represent for your colony. The worker bees collect pollen that will be placed in the hives, and when the pollen is ready it will be used to raise larvae in the eggs, which will later grow into worker bees. Take care of your queen, if she dies the game will end.

The queen bee can perform the following 4 functions;

Swarm - attract all bees to the queen, can be used to attack or defend against other players.

New Hive - build a new bee hive.

Lay Egg - leaves a bee egg in a hive, only active when a hive is selected.

Attack - attack.

Worker bees can perform the following 3 functions; collect pollen, take care of the eggs and build new hives.


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