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53% rating • 26 votes is a dragon battle io game, collect the pink dots and attack the other dragons with your horn, the more pink dots you collect, the bigger your horn will be and you will be more powerful, a fun game and very graphic beautiful

How to play

The objective of the game is to position yourself above everyone in the points table, and to collect points you have to eat the pink points that are scattered all over the map, you can also get points if you attack other players.

To attack a player you have to hit him with your horn, which at the beginning will be small but the more pink dots you will be able to level up and your horn will get bigger and bigger. Having a large horn is the key to survival, it will provide you with a greater area of ​​attack and defense. Click with the left mouse button to activate the impulse, but keep in mind that it takes a few seconds to regenerate the energy.

Collect the yellow dots with a question sign in the middle to get a bonus, which will give you a special power for a few seconds, the list of powers is as follows:


Mouse - move

Left click - boost

Space / Right click - bonus
my dragon io
mydragon io


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