9.9K plays • 11/01/2018

82% rating • 47 votes is a .io game of ninjas, you can try different game modes like deathmatch or capture the flag, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of weapons, in addition to the fun effects of the game, you have guaranteed fun with this game.

How to play

Your goal will depend on the game mode, for example, in deathmatch mode you will be alone against everyone, you will have to manage to survive and kill all enemies. On the other hand, in the way to capture the flag you will have to fight with your team to capture the enemy flag and take it to your base. Keep in mind that depending on the weapon some bullets can bounce when touching a surface, knowing this you can use it for your benefit.


WASD - move

E - throw shuriken or weapon

F - raise weapon

X - throw yourself to the ground

Enter / T - chat
ninja io


Free For All
Capture The Flag
Team Vs Team
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