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About NumeroPeli

Numeropeli is a tactical game where you need to score more points than your opponent. There are many board games with similar mechanics, and now here and in the world of Io there was a similar thing.

How to play NumeroPeli

The task in Numeropeli is to collect as many points as possible. This is done in a simple way: you choose the figure that is credited to you in the points. If you take a number from a horizontal line, the opponent will choose a digit from the horizontal column. And vice versa. In order not to get confused, from what you choose: from a column or line, the game will highlight the desired option with a red border. And when you move the cursor over the number, the game will highlight the numbers with a dark background, from which after your turn will choose an opponent. In fact, by our turn in Numeropeli we program the course of the opponent. It is our own move. The tactics of the game is to try to overlook the possibility of choosing numbers for several moves ahead. And for too long no one lingered in meditation, the game has a timer, after which the move is done automatically and not the most profitable. Each new game creates its own set of figures in the range from -15 to 15. To enter the rules, you can play in the beginning with a bot, and choose what it will be – stupid or not. And then already choose a game with a live opponent. The game itself will pick up your opponent, or you can copy the link to a friend and cut with him in this wonderful intellectual game.

numero peli


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