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61% rating • 13 votes is a new io game, you control a class of cells that collect colored dots and place bombs to destroy other enemy cells, use your radar to see when other players approach your bomb and blow them to pieces.

How to play

The objective is to collect the points of colors found in the arena to obtain points, the player with the most points will be the leader of the game. But it is not so easy because you have to take care of the enemy bombs left by the other players, and that you can also place by pressing the "S" key.

When you put a bomb on the map, you can see the approaching players on the radar in the lower right corner of the screen, when a player is nearby press the "D" key to explode the bomb remotely.

If you are in the explosion area of ​​a bomb you can activate the shield by pressing the "Space" key or use the boost pressing left click to flee quickly. Or activate the invisibility ability with the "W" key so that other players can not see you.

Keep in mind that these skills of placing bombs, shield, boost and invisibility when you use them take a few seconds to be enabled again.


Mouse - move

Left click - boost

W - invisibility

S - place pump

D - explode bomb
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