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70% rating • 51 votes a new io game of tanks of war, where you have to survive with your tank of other players and soldiers who tried to kill you at all costs, graphically this game is very well, and is currently in beta, we are sure that the developers will show us new improvements in very little.

How to play

Before starting the game you have to choose which tank you are going to use, you have two options, the Leopard Z9 or the Panzer M10, choose the one you like best or match your game mode.

You have to survive the other players who also use tanks, and do not worry if you do not find players the soldiers controlled by the AI ​​will take charge of attacking you. To defend or attack you can use the machine gun with the left mouse button, or the gun with the right mouse button. Always be careful of the state of your sight or your shield, the shield regenerates automatically, but to regenerate life you have to kill soldiers until a life kit appears. Use the shift button to move slow and fold more tightly, or to aim more accurately.


Mouse - move

Left click - machine gun

Right click - cannon

Shift - move slow
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