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Paraballs is a cool take on the classic game of pool however in this version there are only 9 balls to be potted and both you and your opponent shoot at the same time! It sounds pretty hectic and it is, but its also crazy fun to play. Expect fast paced games and either play with friends or random online opponents.

How to play follows the same basic concept of pool with a few tweaks, the first being as previously mentioned there is no taking turns, both you and your opponent will be shooting your ball at the same time. This feature is probably one of my favourite as you can interrupt eachothers moves by going for the same ball as them or simply shooting straight at them! As you pot balls you acquire points as shown on the top of the screen, the maximum score being 9 for every ball potted. Its important to note that potting your own ball will result in losing 1 point so try to avoid this the most!


The controls are pretty simple like you’d expect from a pool type io game, use the mouse to direct where your ball will go and click shoot when you’re ready.
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