Player Killers Exchange

4.5K plays • 18/02/2018

88% rating • 18 votes

Player Killers Exchange is the classic RPG game converted to an io game, go through the dungeons and fighting against all living beings, players or monsters, improve your character.

How to play

The objective of the game is the classic for your genre, get experience and level up. Try to survive in the first place, do not trust anyone, usually the other players will try to kill you, through advances in the game you will find different weapons and positions, which will help you when fighting, keep in mind that when you kill To a monster your life will regenerate 100%, fight against a single monster or a group of them.


WASD / Mouse - move

Enter / Space - attack

I - inventory

1 - potion to heal life

2 - last weapon

player killers exchange
player killers exchange


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