4.5K plays • 08/07/2018

58% rating • 12 votes is a fighting io game, you must move through the map to collect the bright blue points to get points, the more points you have your geometric fist will be bigger and will go further.

How to play

The goal is to get many points to be the most powerful player in the game, move through the arena collecting the bright blue points that are scattered everywhere, you have to go over them to collect them and get points.

Another easier way to get points is to kill other players, to kill a player you have to hit him with your geometric fist, which will be bigger and bigger and go further the more points you get.

There is a skill that you can use to escape or reach enemies when they try to escape, the ability is to move faster, but when you use it you lose points, so you must use it only in emergencies.


Mouse - move

Left click - hit

Space - move fast
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