4.9K plays • 03/02/2018

69% rating • 13 votes is a io game with lots of potential, it is a game of survival and crafting, get resources, build tools and buildings, survive other players, without a doubt a game with a lot of potential. What are you waiting to try it?

How to play

In this game the objective is to survive and obtain points to position yourself in the top of the players, to obtain a resource of stone, wood, or any other, you will have to hit or use a tool on the resource, and it will not be easy to obtain the resource, You must give several hits to get something. About the tools we can tell you that you have 2, a peak to mine minerals, and an ax to cut wood, you also have a sword to attack the other players if the situation gets tense.

Keep in mind that this game does not come long and many updates can come, so stay tuned for the game to find out about the latest news.


Mouse / WASD / arrows - move

Left click - attack / interact

Key 1 to 9 - quick access inventory
quek io


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