4.4K plays • 10/01/2018

61% rating • 13 votes is a super bizarre .io game, choose to be a cockroach or a human, and try to survive and be the best player in the game, without a doubt you have to play this very special game of its kind.

How to play

Eat the food scattered on the map to get points and from point 10 you can attack the cockroaches or the humans. When you reach the level of 20000 you will become the ghost of the room, which will provide you with special abilities, for example being invisible! but be careful because if you are attacked you will become visible again.

Other special abilities are:

Turn off the light - you can turn off the light so that nobody can see for 5 seconds, except you can attack any player.

Shake the room - you can shake the room.


Click - attack

S - ability to turn off light

Q - ability to shake room

E - leave the room

F - full screen

M - mute
room24 io


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Team Vs Team
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