19.3K plays • 03/04/2018

63% rating • 162 votes is an io game of survival in a post apocalyptic world, where you will have to shoot yourself against other players, complete missions, buy weapons, play as a team, complete missions, this and much more to come.

How to play

The objective of the game is to complete the missions to obtain money, in the store you can buy weapons and items, and also missions to get the money and level up.

On the map there is a safe area where your house and shop are located, and if you leave it you will be vulnerable to other players and automatic turrets, you can run or use the invisibility skill to avoid the danger, but if you die you will lose all the weapons and items that you carry, but you will not lose the money.

You can find inside boxes, in the garbage, or in other places, different items or weapons, when your backpack is full you will have to throw some item or go back to your house to keep them


WASD - move

Left click - shoot

Right click - remove from inventory

E - interact

R - recharge

Shift - run

C - invisibility

1,2,3 / mouse scroll - select weapon

T - chat
scavs io


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