3.9K plays • 30/05/2018

0% rating • 1 votes is an io game of spaceships, fight against the other players to obtain the supremacy of the space, collect the colored points and destroy the asteroids to obtain points.

How to play

Survive in this universe of spaceships, be very careful of the enemy ships that will come to you as soon as they see you, to control the speed of your ship, move the mouse towards the center of the ship to move slower and to move faster move it in one direction.

To shoot press the space key or the left mouse button, destroy the asteroids and collect the colored dots that are on the map to get points, and climb to a better position in the player table. When you get enough points your ship will change automatically and you will have more damage in your shots.


Mouse - move

Space / Left click - shoot
seakers space


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