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Sillysnake io is a Slither io for children. It is a really nice game. Fruits are eaten with a funny crunch. However, there is also a rivalry. A big snake can eat a smaller one. To eat a smaller snake, hit it by your head. Both children and adults will enjoy the process. It is a really good game, in comparison with cruel and aggressive ones. The rules are simple, the sound is perfect.

How to play

The aim is to grow the biggest snake. The rules are really simple. Just move across the map, eat fruit and escape bigger snakes. Until you grow big. To make a snake shorter, you may bite apiece of its tail. But it will be possible when you grow big. When you are small, other snakes can bite a piece of your tail, so be careful.


To move, follow the cursor
silly snake io
sillysnake io


Slither Style
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