5.2K plays • 06/06/2018

85% rating • 14 votes is a classic snake io game, survive your enemies, eat the colored dots, make your snake the biggest in the arena, and be the best player in the game. This game has very nice graphics, you deserve to try it!

How to play

This game is a classic of its kind, you have to eat the colored dots so that your snake cresca more and more, or you can eat your enemies, or if you are not very good to sneak out and play to survive, although the bigger you are the more attractive you will be for the other players.

To kill another snake, you have to make it collide with your body, a very famous technique is to enclose it with your own body. You can use the map to know where the other players that are represented by red dots are and you are the giant green dot. Use the speed skill to escape or attack in complicated situations, but do not abuse this ability because you subtract mass the more you use it.


Mouse - move

Left click - speed
silly snakes io
sillysnakes io


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