9.2K plays • 22/05/2018

85% rating • 21 votes is a space ship io game, fight against the other players for your survival, dodge the shots and collect the hearts of life to recover.

How to play

Fight against the other players to survive, every time you kill a player you will get points that will place you higher in the standings. On the map you can find hearts to recover your life if you are in a critical state of health, or shields to protect you momentarily from enemy attacks.

Control your aim with the mouse, to shoot press the left button of the mouse, try that the enemy is in your range of vision or you can not cause any damage.

Each ship has a unique ability, try to get them all to try all the possibilities, to use a special ability use the right mouse button.


Mouse - move

Left click - shoot

Right click - special ability
sky royale io
skyroyale io


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