1.7K plays • 27/03/2018

50% rating • 2 votes is a fun io game of space ships and golf, in a rare combination was obtained this simple but addictive game, use your ship as if it were a golf ball and throw yourself into space until you reach the last planet.

How to play

In this game the objective is to get as far as possible, you will start on the first planet and calculating the strength and trajectory of your ship you will have to launch into space to reach the last planet. You can use the gravitational forces of the planets to bend your trajectory, accelerate or slow you down. Even from a single well-calculated impulse you could travel between several planets, but you will have to show that you can achieve it.

The game lasts 80 seconds, the player who goes further wins the game.


Mouse - direction and impulse of the ship
space golf io
spacegolf io


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