9.4K plays • 31/12/2017

80% rating • 20 votes is a .io game with a gamemode that we have seen before. Remember the classic game This game is also about survival! Collect resources and get a lot of gold to be the best player in the game.

How to play

The more gold you get, the higher you will be in the leaderboard, for this you will have to build wigwams, which are the only gold source in the game. To build wigwams you must obtain materials, hit with the ax the trees and the stones to get materials, we also recommend you build walls to defend yourself, since the other players will want to kill you so that you do not overcome them. Use the ax or the bow to defend yourself or attack other players, remember to gather lots of wood to create arrows for your bow, and gather food to recover your healt.

Optionally you can play as a team with other players to increase your chances of survival, for example, distributing the tasks, for this you can use the chat to communicate with other players.


WASD - move

Space / Mouse click - attack / gather

E - attacking / gathering automatically

Numeric / Mouse keyboard - select items

Q - food

Enter - chat
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takemine io


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