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About TankFury

Tank Fury is an insanely fast paced shooter game in which you control a single tank and must fight against other players to dominate the arena. Your tank is equipped with a cannon and a large spring loaded boxing glove - use both weapons to wreak havoc on your enemies. Ensure to keep moving around and try to make use of the blue teleportation devices to transport to different areas of the level.

As you kill more enemies you tank is upgraded - its armor improves and you gain new and more devastating weapons too. You can also choose from a range of different tanks all of which have slightly different health, armor, speed and fire-rate. When you kill an opponent, be sure to collect the crate that drops - this will restore your armor if you are damaged. Can you conquer the arena and rack up an immense kill streak?


AD or left/right arrow to move tank

Left click or space bar to fire

Right click to punch

tank fury


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