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69% rating • 55 votes is a tank io game, you can create incredible tanks simply by joining several different units, get the necessary minerals to acquire the units, when you are ready fight against the other players.

How to play

This game is very similar to Diep io but only in the graphic part, because in the game mode it is all an innovation among the games io, to be able to offer us so many possibilities to create our tanks.

The objective of the game is classic, get the most points to climb in the table of players, the points are represented by the amount of resources you get in the game. But the main objective goes to the background when you start to focus on trying to create the best tank you can, but to create your tank you need to get resources, to be more specific you have 5 types of resources: Wood, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Amethyst.

To buy new units and add them to your tank, select the unit you want to buy from the bottom menu, you can move from left to right to see the different units, you can get wooden units that will be the weakest, up to units of Amethyst that are the more powerful. Keep in mind that when you hit your tank against the resources found on the map, they will lose life and use the resources you have already saved to regenerate the life of the unit.

When you have your tank formed with different units, you can select the units and improve them using your resources, by clicking on the top menu of the screen, or you can also destroy the unit.


WASD / Arrows - move

Mouse - aim

Left click - shoot

E - activate automatic trigger
tank smith io
tanksmith io


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