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About Timaleon

Timaleon is a massively multiplayer version of the old 2d space shooter game, it reminds me quite a lot of space impact. You can play online with friends and try to survive as long as possible. You will have to work as a team and try to avoid all of the giant moons coming at you but be careful because once you touch one of them, it’s all over and your score resets.

How to play

If you ever played space impact back in the day then this game will come easy to you, you control a space ship with limited movement and try to destroy all of the objects falling downwards without getting hit yourself. Because of the multiplayer aspect available in Timaleon you are able to take out other players as well as working with them although working with them is probably the better way to go for survival.(Unless of course you’re going for the number one leader board spot and you see the currently leader in front of you) Some moons have the chance to drop power ups such as weapon upgrades when destroyed so make sure to look out for those as they’re incredibly helpful!


Use WASD to move around although you can not turn, you will always be facing upwards… left click is used for shooting.
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