5.7K plays • 22/05/2018

70% rating • 17 votes is a new io game, with a style similar to PUBG and, eat the colored dots to increase your mass and attack the other players, split to escape other players when they try to attack you.

How to play

Start the game in a sandbox mode to train and learn how to play, then you can move to the Battle Royale game mode to fight other players in a closed arena.

The objective and game mode is identical to the, eat the colored points to increase your mass and grow your size, you can eat other players only if your mass is superior to theirs, you also have the skills to divide yourself and lose mass, use these skills strategically to attract other players or escape in difficult situations. Be very careful not to run into the viruses that are in the sand or you will die instantly.

Good luck!


Mouse / Touchpad - move

Space - split

W - eject mass
tolxy io


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