4.3K plays • 05/03/2018

42% rating • 7 votes a platform io game, where you have to collect gold, jump all over the map dodging the spikes, and killing other players, is the player with more gold in the game.

How to play

The objective of the game is simple, get and be the player with more gold of the entire game, gold is found on the map, but the more you raise more gold you will find, then you will have to jump to climb up, but be careful with the spikes, if you touch them, they will take life, if you touch two or three times the spikes you will die, although you can find hearts that if you catch them you will recover all your life. In this game you can also kill other players, to kill them approach one and left click to take out your sword and kill it.


AD / Arrows - move left right

W / Space - jump

Left click - attack
trapz io


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