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50% rating • 2 votes is an io game quite different from what we are used to seeing, it is about conquering as many nodes as possible, but to conquer you will have to write the word that is in the center of the node, giving considerable difficulty to the game.

How to play

The whole map is made up of nodes that contain words, when you start the game you will have only one and you will have to conquer those around you, to conquer a node you just have to start typing the word that is in the center, when you finish you will move to the node conquering it. You can move freely between your conquered nodes with the arrows on the keyboard.

To kill another player you have to write the word that is in your node, in the same way other players can kill you or conquer your nodes, you have to be always alert.

When a node has a star around it means you can not conquer it, but if you write the words that appear you will receive extra points.


Arrows - move
typen conquer io
typenconquer io


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